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Baldness, medically termed as Alopecia, generally seen in males is caused due to hormonal changes, heredity, medical conditions, injuries, and the normal part of aging.

Numerous people witness hair-related issues, like hair thinning or hair loss, that may lead to balding. Several temporary treatments are available for hair loss, but the results aren’t long-lasting.

Modern-day technology has evolved with different techniques like hair fixing, hair bonding, and hair replacements to restore hair on the head. For best results, one needs to get it treated at the earliest.

At Dr Revanth’s clinic located in Banjara Hills, Dr.G.Revanth offers advanced techniques like hair transplantation, and micro scalp pigmentation to give you the best results.

Dr.G. Revanth has dealt with numerous patients suffering from baldness and restored their hairline to what it previously was.

You can opt for various procedures like laser treatment, FUT, and FUE as well as bring certain changes to your lifestyle to speed up the hair regeneration process.

Rest assured that, at Dr Revanth's clinic you will receive information regarding the procedure as well as a detailed post-op routine so that you can see the result of your procedure as quickly as possible.

We at Dr Revanth's clinics with our experienced team guarantee that all procedures are safe, and make sure to focus on achieving your desired results.

If you are suffering from Baldness, then look no further. Book an appointment with us today by phone or visit our website.

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