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Have you ever hoped that your flawless makeup would stay in place so that you could simply roll out of bed feeling ready to go? Permanent makeup will help you to achieve this.

Permanent makeup is basically cosmetic tattoos that help you create your favourite makeup look in a semi-permanent manner.

Permanent makeup can consist of various procedures like microblading, lip blushing, permanent eyeliner, and scar camouflage.

Dr.G.Revanth is a cosmetic surgeon and hair care specialist who has fellowship training in Dermatology, Trichology, and Cosmetology.

Dr. G Revanth believes that the way we look and feel plays a major role in building our confidence and self-esteem. This is why, at Dr Revanth's clinic, our doctor G Revanth, always opts for a safe and comprehensive approach to all procedures.

At Dr Revanth's clinic, located in Banjara Hills, we will make sure to first understand the results you are expecting, and create a customized plan specifically tailored to your needs.

We with our experienced team and highly qualified doctors shall address completely in all aspects of the treatment including choosing the best hairline, ink color for pigmentation as well as the best post-procedural care.

To get the best permanent makeup, schedule an appointment with us by call or online.

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