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Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that involves shaping eyebrows with a chemical used in tattoos, that stimulates hair growth naturally.

This technique requires perfection in drawing eyebrows, incisions, and hair strokes. Microblading gives your eyebrows a fuller, always-groomed look.

The procedure is carried out under anaesthesia, with very fine needles used to create real eyebrow strokes.

Get your microblading treatment from the best in the industry, Dr Revanth. He ensures a high level of safety and precision in the treatment.

Dr.G.Revanth is a hair expert who specialises in dermatology, trichology, and cosmetology.

Our doctor, regarded as the best hair specialist in Hyderabad, will communicate on the undergoing procedure and answer all the queries with patience.

We at Dr Revanth's clinics, use modern cosmetic equipment and technology to provide our customers with the results that they are looking for. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction.

For the best micro blading treatment in Banjara Hills, book an appointment with us by call or online.

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